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Compliance Monitoring – Overview

Significant effort goes into underwriting and originating new credit exposures, but what happens after the exposure is put onto your books? How do you track compliance with individual covenants across your portfolio?

Balenz Compliance Monitoring provides institutions the ability to easily create and monitor covenants on all of your counterparties and related entities (i.e., guarantors) so that you can quickly identify and react to violations. Portfolio level reports allow you to monitor compliance with covenants across many dimensions, including:

  • Items pending or overdue
  • Documents that have been submitted, but not reviewed
  • Covenants pending review
  • Covenant violations
  • Covenants by lending group, relationship manager, and credit analyst

Balenz Compliance Monitoring also includes a tickler system to allow users to create reminder messages that can be sent to both internal and external persons when items are near or past their due date. Once the schedule for the items and ticklers is created, Balenz Compliance Monitoring automatically sends the messages to the appropriate persons on the dates scheduled.

Balenz Compliance Monitoring maintains an electronic repository of all source documents associated with covenants, including an audit trail of the events associated with documents and covenants.