Automate the data-collection process.

Solutions virtually eliminate manual data entry.



The mission of Balenz is to be the leading provider of automated data collection solutions that enhance business returns for our clients by allowing their staff to work intelligently.

Credit underwriting decisions and the on-going monitoring of credit exposures depend on high-quality, consistent, and timely information. With Balenz Spreading Automation and Compliance Monitoring solutions, credit risk management departments can:

  • Cut the analyst time significantly to Spread Financials, and reinvest the savings to boost efficiency gains
  • Institute a system that works on Exceptions
  • Have more control and standardization of the Spread Process across the organization
  • Get near-real time Covenant Monitoring for a stronger compliance program
  • Essentially lay the foundation for collecting rich, quality data on a scalable model to ensure a successful Compliance Program

Spreading Automation is specifically designed for the lending community to automate the process of populating financial and other loan related documents into a risk system. Using patented technology, Balenz has designed Spreading Automation software that works using the principles of:

  • A one-time optical mapping to establish majority of the relationships
  • Working only with exceptions on subsequent spreads
  • Inserting a review process before each submission for improved data quality

Compliance Monitoring automates the monitoring of compliance items, including not only the receipt of financial statements, but also financial and non-financial covenants.

Balenz ACTIV provides a framework for quickly putting custom solutions in place. This is an industry agnostic tool that can be configured and deployed wherever there is a need to virtually eliminate manual entry.