Automate the data-collection process.

Solutions virtually eliminate manual data entry.

Spreading Automation

Balenz Spreading Automation improves spreading consistency and enhances credit analyst productivity by removing the process of manual data entry. Our product also provides institutions with the ability to collect financial statements from their clients electronically.

Balenz Spreading Automation delivers significant value to our clients via:

  • Automated data capture:
    • from multiple data sources
    • from multiple data file formats
    • with assured quality of data
  • Replacement of manual entry with optical spreading
  • Ability to correct OCR errors on the fly before data is committed to the database
  • Traceability of data to the source document
  • Audit trail of the spreading process: who, when and what actions were done for each spread
  • Integration with the institutions existing financial spreading software
  • Flexibility to accommodate quick customizations to suit the bank's work flows/ processes
  • Data maintenance inside the bank’s firewall for privacy; we do not have access to your data
  • Knowledge capture of the spread
  • Use as an on-going training tool for spreaders

With a patent pending optical character recognition (OCR) solution, Balenz Spreading Automation can automate the process of spreading paper financial statements.

With Balenz Spreading Automation, an institution’s client can submit their financial statements in a variety of other formats, including PDF, Excel, TIFF, JPG, and text.

Most importantly, the institution’s clients do not have to purchase any additional software or change the process of how they create their financial statements. Balenz Spreading Automation can also accept a file (Excel or PDF) from a client’s accounting software or their accountant’s records.

In addition to working with financial statements received directly from clients, Balenz Spreading Automation is also compatible with financial statement data offered by third party data providers, including EDGAR Online, Bureau van Dijk, SEC filings, FINRA, and FDIC. Since these data providers format their data in a standardized structure, Balenz Spreading Automation can quickly and easily import financial statements from these providers into spreading systems.