Automate the data-collection process.

Solutions virtually eliminate manual data entry.


Cut analyst time.

Boost efficiency gains.

Increase control. Strengthen your compliance system.

Configurable product.

Industry agnostic tool.

Get a customized solution in place.

Define Monitor Act

Define and monitor covenants.

For timely identification and action.

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Does your staff spend too many hours manually entering data into various applications? Do you wish you had a seamless way to capture data from documents coming from multiple sources in varied formats and layouts?

With Balenz, you can automate data capture from documents into your choice of destination.

No more key punching, no more manual entry errors, no more re-keying data into multiple systems. Instead, bring in automated processes for data extraction and population.

For credit management departments, we have automated the process of spreading financial statements using our patented technology. Spreading Automation also helps lay the foundation for collecting rich, quality data for your compliance program. For other applications, let us help you build a custom solution using our Balenz ACTIV product.